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The Perfect Fit Replacement Covers

We have recently become an authorized dealer for the Rush-Co Marine high-quality replacement boat lift canopies. For more than a decade Rush-Co has been the trusted manufacturer of boat lift canopy covers for boat lift manufacturers. Now you can order a replacement boat lift canopy direct from us. With Rush-Co boat lift canopies you can count on a perfect fit, high-quality materials and fast delivery.

Shortest Lead Time in the Industry

Rush-Co Marine offers replacement covers for most brands and sizes. In addition to standard boat lift covers, Rush-Co also offers custom covers to meet your specific needs. Whether you boat lift is an older model, custom design or has been modified over the years, we can create a perfect custom cover to fit with the features and in the color(s) you desire.

Please give us a call at (616)891-7515 for more information on availability of custom colors, canopy lengths, or other modifications to our standard offerings. When supplying information about your canopy frame, please note if there are any sharp corners and pictures are also helpful.

You can also use this link for How To Measure Your Canopy or call us at (616)891-7515 and we can assist you.

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